Universal Studios


TUTORIAL: Make your own Universal Studios intro with Blender 2.5/2.6


Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize!


Tutorial on how to make your own custom Universal Studio intro using only Blender 2.6. You just need to donwload the files at Link1 and download blender at Link2 and follow my instructions. If you're good, it shouldn't take more than 5-10 minutes. Have fun with it, and please link back to me if you post it.

If you can't see the frame change toolbar, left click on the lower border of the timeline toolbar and drag down.

Link1: Download templates (needed template files)

Link2: Get Blender (use 2.65a)



To Start, your mouse cursor should be in one of the upper windows (3D views).  The "YOUR THEATER" text should be highlighted orange. The red & white cursor should be in the middle of the earth.  Don't left click in these windows or you will move the cursor.  If this happens, re-open the file and start over.

• Press the TAB key to put the "YOUR THEATER" text into edit mode.  Backspace it out and type in the name of your theater.

• Press the TAB key to exit edit mode. (You can do the same for the small subtitle, right click on it to select it, TAB, edit, TAB, reselect the upper title by rightclicking)

• Press Alt C, then left click on CURVE.  (This converts the text to a curve).

• Press Alt C, then left click on MESH.  (This converts the curve to a mesh).

• Press Ctrl Shift Alt C and click on Origin to 3D cursor.

• Change the frame number from 500 to 1.

• Drag the bar in the windows below to see the Shape Keys section.

• Click the Add Shape key (little + sign) twice.

• Make sure the mouse cursor is back in the top view and press TAB. (text goes black)

• Press A to select all (text should turn orange).

• Press Shift W to warp the text. The first letter should be right behind the globe.

• Left click to accept the warp.

• Press TAB to leave edit mode (text should straighten out).

• Back in the Shapes Tab, change the value from 0.00 to 1.00.

• Right click on that value and click on Insert Keyframe.

• Change the frame number from 1 to 180.

• In the Shapes Tab, right click on the Value saying 1.00 and select Insert Keyframe.

• Change the frame number from 180 to 270.

• In the Shapes Tab, change the value from 1.00 to 0.00.

• Right click on that value and click on Insert Keyframe.

• Click the little camera icon on the right to enter Scene mode.

• Click File, Save As, and save your project file.

• Choose your desired resolution (HDTV 1080p for best quality)

• Click Animation

• The file (.avi) is saved to the same folder, where you unzipped the original files.


STORY: This video was quite hard work. I had to change the blender file several times, because i noticed during recording, that there was an error. With a few technical problems (forgot to record the sound once, camstudio crashed once), this took quite long to make. I hope you enjoyed it.

Download alternative Universal 100th soundtrack