Dreamworks Madagascar Variation (1080p): DreamworksM.zip

Dreamworks Monsters vs Aliens Variation (1080p): DreamworksMvA.zip

Dreamworks Bee Movie Variation (720p): DreamworksB.zip

TUTORIAL: Make Your Own Dreamworks Intro

Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize!

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Get Blender: http://www.blender.org/


1.) Unzip the Downloaded ZIP Folder


2.) Open the .blend file in blender

2.1) Edit your title. Right click to select, TAB to toggle edit mode, left click and drag to move around.

2.2) If needed, drag in extra letters from the side.

2.3) Edit your subtitle (right click, TAB, edit, TAB).

2.4) Click Animation


3.) Open the .aep file in Adobe After Effects CS4 or newer

3.1) Select Composition, then Add to Render Queue

3.2) Click Lossless, then Check Audio Output, click Format Options, select DivX, click OK.

(if not available, just leave it at None and then encode/compress afterwards)

3.3) Click Render


If you upload the intro you created, I'd be glad for some credits. Thanks.