Ubisoft Watch Dogs (1080p): UbisoftWatchDogs.zip

Ubisoft 1 (1080p): Ubisoft1.zip

Ubisoft 2 (1080p): Ubisoft2.zip

Ubisoft 3 (720p): Ubisoft3.zip

TUTORIAL: Make Your Own Ubisoft Intro

Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize!

Download links for CS3


Needed software:

  • Adobe After Effects CS3+ (UbisoftA, UbisoftB) and CS4+ (UbisoftC, UbisoftWD)

1.) Download and unzip the template files

2.) Follow the instructions.

3.) Enjoy your own custom Ubisoft Intro

If you upload the intro you created, I'd be glad for some credits. Thanks.