Battlefield 4

TUTORIAL: Make your own BATTLEFIELD 4 Intro

Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize!

Needed software:

  • Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or newer

1.) Unzip the Downloaded ZIP Folder

2.) Install the three provided font files
Windows Vista/7: Double click the .ttf file and then select Install.
Windows XP: Copy and Paste the .ttf file into C:\Windows\Fonts
Mac OS X: Drag and drop the font into the Fonts folder in the Library folder.

3.) Open Battlefield4.aep in After Effects CS5.5+
3.1) Double click the "Battlefield 4" layer and edit your title
3.2) Go to the time mark of about 5 seconds
3.3) Double click the "Ballybite 3" layer and edit the text
3.4) (Optional) Right click the "logo.png" file and select "Replace footage", "File..." and choose your own logo
3.5) (Optional) Set your logo to visible in the "Logo" composition and return to the main "Battlefield 4" composition
3.6) Go to the time mark of about 1 second
3.7) Double click the "BWEG" layer and edit the text

4.) Select the "Battlefield 4" composition
4.1) Click "Composition", then "Add to Render Queue".
4.2) Click the link next to "Output Module", then change the format to H.264, Check "Audio Output" and click OK
4.3) Click the link next to "Output To" and select a folder to save to
4.3) Click Render

If you upload the intro you created, I'd be glad for some credits. Thanks.