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TUTORIAL: Make your own PIXAR Intro

Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize!

Needed software:

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip folder
  2. Press TAB, edit, TAB
  3. Adjust character spacing
  4. Right Click on the L
  5. Press TAB, edit, TAB
  6. Right Click on main title
  7. Press TAB, replace overlapping letter with a space, TAB
  8. Adjust word spacing
  9. Right Click the subtitle
  10. Press TAB, edit, TAB
  11. Change frame number from 100 to 225
  12. Left click and drag on green arrow to adjust location
  13. Press I, insert keyframe
  14. Go to Render tab
  15. Click Animation
  16. Wait till rendering finished
  17. Open Pixar.aep in After Effects
  18. Click Composition, Add to render queue
  19. Click Lossless and change it Format to H.264
  20. Click Render 

If you reupload the video, please credit me. Thanks.