Lionsgate Horror

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Lionsgate Horror

TUTORIAL: How to make your own custom LIONSGATE horror intro


Be patient when downloading. It takes a moment to initialize!

Files: Download templates

Blender: Get Blender


Software Needed:

1.)  Adobe After Effects CS4 or higher (CS4, CS5...)

2.)  Blender (any version, free from

Getting Started:

1.)  Download the zip file and prepare the needed programs.

Creating your Text:**

Choose between one title (Lionsgate Text 1 line.blend) or a title and a subtitle (Lionsgate Text 2 lines.blend)

1.)  Open the chosen .blend file in Blender.

2.)  Right Click on the "T" in the word Theaters.  You should have selected an object called Front Text.001

     NOTE:  The E's are not part of this text object, so they don't highlight.

3.)  Press TAB then backspace to delete the text.  Type in your own text of choice, but insert two spaces wherever

     there should be an E.  (ie:  T - H - spc,spc - A - T - spc,spc - R - S).  Press TAB when finished.

4.)  Right Click on the T in the word Theaters that is behind your new text.  This object is called 3D Text.001.

5.)  Repeat step 3 for this text object.

6.)  Right Click on one of the E's from the original word Theaters. These objects are Front Text.002 and Front

     Text.004 respectively.

7.)  Left Click and hold on the red arrow then slide the "E" along the X-Axis to place it where you need it. 

     If you don't need any E's just drag it left or right out of the camera's view with the spare E's.

8.)  Repeat step 7 with the other E from the word Theaters, and the spare E's if you need them.

Only if you chose the 2 lined version:

A9.)  Repeat 2.)-8.) with the Subtitle

Optional if the title is too long:

B11.) Right Click the title. Go into the Object Data Tab (little F icon on the lower toolbar). Change the size.

B12.) Right Click the 3D text behind you title. Change it to the same size.

B13.) Select the Scale Manipulator Mode (line with a squared end on the lower toolbar) and resize the E's.

B14.) Go back to Scene Mode (little camera icon on the lower toolbar)

15.) Press Animation (or Ctrl+ F12).

Rendering the Video:

1.) Open the Lionsgate.aep project.

2.) Click the little tab called Render Queue. Then click on Output to and save the file.

3.) Click on "Lossless", choose Format Options and click the DivX Codec.*

4.) Check Audio Output.

5.) Then click render.


That should just about do it.  Hopefully I didn't leave anything out.  If you have any problems let me know. Thanks!

Thanks to Magius at AVSForum


* If there is no DivX Codec, just leave it at No Compression and the encode the file (very big) afterwards with a enconding software e.g. XMedia Recode. Recommended codec: AVI / DivX or AVI / H.264

** PS NEW EASY Text (Lionsgate NEW EASY Text 2 lines.blend)

The new easy text teplate gives you aneasier version to create your own text.

1.) Right Click to select the text.

2.) Press TAB to edit.

3.) Edit

4.) Press Tab to stop editing

5.) Repeat this for the subtitle or delete it.

6.) Press Animation